Friday, 24 July 2009

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Since I've called this blog Cars, Computers and Life Insurance I better write something about life insurance at least once, so here it is :)

I'm 19 years old and studying at University, my debts seem to grow at about the same rate as the national debt!

I don't have any commitments per se, though my parents have spent a lot of money helping me through A-Levels and University and when I have my degree and have a good job (plus paid of my student loans) I plan to help them out a lot as a thank you (would be great to pay off their mortgage early).

Now if I were to die in the next few years my parents would of course be devestated, but also I have two younger siblings the first of which will be of University age when I'm 24 years old when I'll hopefully be able to help out. If I die I can't help out and in the current economic climate there's a good chance one if not both of my younger siblings won't go to Uni. If I have life insurance they can at least get a good start in adult life.

So it seems a good idea to have life insurance for the next few years just incase, but and it's a big but, where do I get the money to pay for life insurance from!