Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Friend Buys a New Used Car!

As I mentioned last summer I was trying to save to buy a new used car.

Interesting way to put it, how can a car be a new car and a used car at the same time!

I still haven't bought a car, but a friend bought a Hyundai Getz 1.6 Sport (year 2004) for just under £3,800.

It's a nice car, nothing fancy (doesn't look sporty), but he's rubbing my nose in it as he's got more money than I do!

Including car insurance (fully comprehensive insurance) it cost him just under £4,000 on the road.

I hate him!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Since I've called this blog Cars, Computers and Life Insurance I better write something about life insurance at least once, so here it is :)

I'm 19 years old and studying at University, my debts seem to grow at about the same rate as the national debt!

I don't have any commitments per se, though my parents have spent a lot of money helping me through A-Levels and University and when I have my degree and have a good job (plus paid of my student loans) I plan to help them out a lot as a thank you (would be great to pay off their mortgage early).

Now if I were to die in the next few years my parents would of course be devestated, but also I have two younger siblings the first of which will be of University age when I'm 24 years old when I'll hopefully be able to help out. If I die I can't help out and in the current economic climate there's a good chance one if not both of my younger siblings won't go to Uni. If I have life insurance they can at least get a good start in adult life.

So it seems a good idea to have life insurance for the next few years just incase, but and it's a big but, where do I get the money to pay for life insurance from!

Buying a Car

As I touched on in my last post, I'm saving up to buy a car, I'm that poor right now I haven't been able to afford to buy a PS3 (still stuck with a PS2 and old games) and my computer is so old it uses floppy discs still :))

Seriously though I'm looking for a new car and havn't a clue what to buy. Budget wise I have about £800, but that has to cover tax, insurance as well as paying for the car.

Probably end up with some old Ford Escort!!!

PS2 Games or a Car?

I am playing GT4 on the PS2 and sadly that is it… *cries* i dont play many PS2 games anymore, can't afford them!

Without games my life is pointless now.
Somebody help me.
I haven’t played my PS2 for about a month now
I cant find the on button now because its so covered in dust.


I want more games and a new computer but i am more into getting a car right now....

I know, i know, sad isn’t it.

I think my gaming days are over :(

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Problem installing Spam filtering in Virtualmin

Got a problem with promail not being installed correctly, to confirm ran yum install procmail and it's already installed.

Created the file /etc/procmailrc (with the right rules) and tried to enable spam filtering and it got closer to working, on another page got this error:

[quote]Warning - any rules defined below will not be used : Procmail is not enabled in your Postfix configuration. The configuration file /etc/postfix/ must have the mailbox_command option set to /usr/bin/procmail.[/quote]

I made the above change to the config file. New message:

[quote]Failed to save enabled features : The procmail command /usr/bin/procmail is owned by group mail, when it should be owned by root. Email may not be properly delivered or checked for spam.[/quote]

Using chgrp -v root /usr/bin/procmail changed owner to root and get this when enabling spam filtering-

[quote]Failed to save enabled features : The procmail command /usr/bin/procmail has 100755 permissions, when it should be setuid and setgid to root. Email may not be properly delivered or checked for spam.[/quote]

Don't know how to do that so stopped there.

In Virtualmin I now have a list of Procmail Mail Filter rules that are similar to what I see in my other Virtualmin server, so the file you suggested I create is being read and working, comparing to my other server it lacked this filter, so added it just in case:

Append to file $DEFAULT Always execute action

So looks like something else isn't setup/working correctly.

Finally figured it out, ran chmod 6755 /usr/bin/procmail and that got it working.

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